Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beach 2010

We had the BEST time at the beach this year. Can't wait to go back! We have the best time hunting crabs at night... I will have to post that pic soon. Just as I cherish family vacations when I was little, I hope my children make some of their fondest memories while we're at the beach! It is at the beach that I feel closest to God's creation! Isn't he the grandest artist ever?
I will definitely say I never thought I would blog. But, here I am. I am mainly wanting to do this blog for myself, but if some of you enjoy, help yourselves. I called it our nest because I feel like our home is my little nest with my little chicks in it! I know before I turn around my "nest" will be empty and I will have this blog to remember all of my fondest memories!! So, until I start posting real things...... stay tuned!